Saturday, October 17, 2009

Five Years Ago Today.

This time five years ago brings back a flood of emotion and memories.

I got a phone call from my grandmother this morning and she asked if I remembered what we were doing this time 5 years ago. The memories immediately flooded my mind.

Overwhelming gratitude and peace towards God filled my heart and my mind.

There are times I love talking about that time in our life and others it scares me so bad I cannot even play the scenario through my head.

It had been several years of sickness for me, and a few very severe months. This particular morning I woke up with a funny feeling in my foot. Something told me there was something wrong and we didn't even call the ambulance. Within minutes I could not walk, Ross dressed me, and carried me to the car. My leg and foot were all but black and quickly swelling. I told Ross I didn't feel good and then passed out in the car as we were driving. He thought I had died in those few seconds of horrible fear...I woke up to him saying my name over and over and putting his hands in my mouth, thinking I was choking. We arrived at the hospital and did not even check in. My grandmother was in town for something else and beat us to the hospital. My blood presssure 60/40 something. Ross and BJ sat waiting for an answer. They had none. They told them that they may have to amputate my leg, and my parents were called. We were later told, they didn't think I would make it at all. After several hours of testing, they found a DVT (blood clot) in my left femoral vein. Complete blockage and little blood was able to get back to my heart...hence the passing out and low blood pressure. The next day, part of the clot broke off and at some point went to both of my lungs...I spent a week in ICU and another week recovering in the hospital. I had to learn to completely walk on that leg and again and lost all feeling up to my calf, which has since regenerated almost completely!

I write none of this to be dramatic. I write it, so that I will never forget about God's sovereignty in my life. His control. His healing. The immense peace He gave me through this season of our lives. The power of prayer. How many friends and family supported us in so many ways. How much my husband loved me tenderly through sickness and health. How my Mom and grandmother sat by my side for 2 weeks in the hospital and 2 more weeks at home. How good it felt to see my Dad walk into the hospital that first night, when I can't remember anything else. How it felt to see my little sister's love and concern for me in a "big" sister way.. How our church family came alongside of us financially and through meals. How churches that did not even know us came alongside of us financially. I could go on and on, I never want to forget.

Five years later, and it still brings back anxiety and a deep peace all at the same time.

Five years later, and that storm in our life seems like such a "small" part of our full life.

Five years later, a family of five, that desires to continue to trust in God's perfectness and control as much as we did five years ago today.

Lord, thank you for life, for my husband, for my family, and for your perfect control.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We never have to guess what he is thinking. He talks. Non. Stop.

He loves asking questions and loves for us to ask him questions.

He loves step by step directions and the names of streets as we drive through town.

He recently asked his Daddy, "what does intercede mean?"... he heard it on his all time favorite song "Arise" by Indelible Grace.

He also informed me that "God is going to kill Daddy". Now thats a fun one to deal with. A few minutes before he told me this, he asked Ross "is you going to die Daddy" which Ross replied "yes one day, when God decides it is time for me to..." There was no arguing with him on this one. He insisted. I just let it pass.

He is also aware of the difference between boys and girls...all he knows is that girls dont have what he DOES...and he will go through a 5 page list of who DOESNT have or who DOES have what he HAS. I cringe listening to the lists. ahhahah

He is obsessed with trains. In the past month he got to go see Thomas with MY grandmother and went to Tweetsie Railroad with HIS grandmother!

He appreciates the smalls our "new den". He is very proud.

He is saving his money for a train...up to $3 and some change.

He does NOT like having his hair cut.

He hits his head multiple times a day.

He is quick to forgive.

He has a short temper.

He prefers no clothing at all at home. Often goes commando if he HAS to wear shorts ;)

He has my taste for food.

He still sleeps with his blue blanket.

He likes routine but is flexible.

He can tell you what foods are bad for you and if something has too much caffeine or too much sugar in it....:)

He LOVES coffee.

He is not a performer and you can't trick him into it.

He is very timid around strangers and large crowds, but is full of life once he becomes comfortable or secure.

He gets shy if you watch him sing out loud in the car, unless you sing with him.

He recently started saying "my daddy" in "Will you help me with this my daddy?"

He never wears shoes unless we are in a store.

These are just a few things about my precious 2 1/2 year old :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I just forgot...

how to shop that is.

I never shop.


Today my Mom kept the boys, so I could find a dress for my 10 year high school reunion!

I got to Dillard's and had to look at the store map to find the location of the dresses. How long have I lived here? Since 4th grade. Whatever year that was :)

Same scenario at Belk's, Penny's, ect...

Well to top it all off, I am looking at Ross (not my incredibly sweet and good looking husband) but the store, and low and behold I see someone I know. She tapped me as I was browsing through a dress that caught my eye and we chatted for a few moments. "See you on Friday!" I said with a smile. Smiling back she said, "OK see you there!"...all the while she is probably thinking..."Did she not JUST have a baby? Don't they have two babies? I have GOT to ask someone about this!"...

Yes, I was hanging out in the maternity section and had no idea.

I totally forgot how to shop.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Prayer of Hannah Giveaway!

Head on over here to the "Prayer of Hannah" blog for a free giveaway and FUN and CHALLENGING discussion on motherhood and womanhood!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I am just now learning that....

(in no particular order) :

Nap and Rest time are not my "right"- if I get to lay down, great. If I don't, enjoy doing something productive.

When disciplining my children, fear and honor God, not family and friends.

Think daily and sometimes hourly about the saying that I get tired of hearing, "it will be over before you know it", and love and play with my boys like "it really will be over before I know it". I have REALLY been trying to let this sink in lately and I am having some sweetly satisfying days with my boys.

It is a good thing to be exhausted at the end of the day. It means I have worked hard at what I am supposed to be doing.

Fearing the loss of Ross, my children, or dying before any of them will rob me of enjoying my family. God is not surprised by ANYTHING. Rest in Him.

If I am not in the Word daily, Ross and my boys suffer from my selfishness.

Having kids hasn't changed my desire for a clean house every day, but a lot can wait until they go to bed :)

There is a difference between being rude and being loud. Teach them the difference. Let them be boys!

Yelling just doesn't work. Ever.

I treasure the time that me and Ross had before our boys. This is a blessed season of life we have now, but I do miss those times and know they were so special.

I have a confirmed hate for laundry. Just do it. It's not going to go away.

7:30 am is sleeping in.

9:00 pm is getting late.

Our boys bedtime is just as good for me and Ross as it is for them :)

My kids will disobey when I want them to "obey" the most. And that's okay. It keeps me humble ;)

Tell Luke I am sorry, when I have done something wrong. He grasps it more than I ever thought he could.

To be continued....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Do your research...

These are a few things that I love, but wish I had enough knowledge to devote a blog too! :)

Nutrition- such as whole foods, raw milk, etc...and how this benefits our bodies

Pregnancy and Childbirth- pregnancy health, home-births, etc...

Infertility- although I have never dealt with this, I love reading about natural ways to boost your fertility, and more specifically when and why many women are labeled infertile before a change in diet, weight loss, or in some cases have not even been trying for more than 1 to 2 years, etc...the meds, treatments, side effects, emotional effects, etc... are very interesting to me.

Ulcerative Colitis- new findings, research, cures...(I was diagnosed with this in High school, and eventually had my colon entirely removed because of the severity and illness)...still interests me greatly. I love talking to people who are struggling with this or diseases similar.

Photography- I love pictures and love taking them.

Patient Advocacy- whether it's the doctor's office, insurance, second/third/or forth opinions, I LOVE talking about this, encouraging others in this area, and finding/knowing the rights of a patient

These are just a few things that really interest me, but I feel like I have only brushed the surface in most of them!

What are some things that interest you? That you read about/ research/ could sit on the computer for hours and look up?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I miss it

Tonight I was updating myself on all of the blogs I read. Some people I know, some people I know very well, others I don't know at all.

I started thinking about the friendships that I have encountered over the past six years. I quickly became overwhelmed at the thought of God's goodness and sweetness to me when we lived in Wake Forest.

I would have never moved from Gastonia to Wake Forest, except for one reason. Ross.

I loved being there with him. But it was a whole new world for me. He had been there for four years already...

I am overwhelmed and humbled when I think of the relationships with other women that I was able to establish. To live alongside of. To be sad away from family with. To be sick alongside of. To be pregnant with. To have our first babies with. To laugh, walk, cry, vent, and most of all trust. There was a loyalty in these relationships that is almost irreplaceable. We loved each other. And still do.

Even though I never call Lindsey (ever), forgot to invite Kristy and Allison to David's party, communicate with Tasha exclusively through the blogging world, and only communicate with Stephanie (who I never even saw in real life in Wake Forest but has made a tremendous impact on my love for Christ) through Facebook etc...I will always love them and cherish the relationship and trust I have with them.

I miss it terribly. Those were some of the best days.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Not So Typical Surprise....

for me that is. No one has ever surprised me with anything. Ever. I always have some "idea" or if ANYTHING is different from the norm, I immediately pick up on it. I am just that kind of girl :)

My one and only, surprised me.

My most favorite sister, surprised me.

Ross "surprised" me on Saturday morning and told me that he had asked my mom to watch the boys, while we went off for the afternoon and for dinner. At 3pm, I told him that I was starving, asked if he wanted to eat at 4:30 or 5:00pm. I mean I am 28 now, can't I eat dinner that early? :) We never eat if one of us isn't hungry (it just doesn't seem as fun!), and of course he wasn't ready to eat. I told him that we would have to go to McDonald's and get something to hold me over. So I settled for fries and a tea, and off we went. We were just riding around talking and enjoying not being interrupted multiple times, and he took a left turn towards our house. I asked what he was doing and he couldn't keep from smiling. I knew then that he was up to something, but didn't realize the thought and love that had been put into it until we pulled onto our street (and saw all of the cars) and walked into my very full house (with lots of special people).

It was absolutely special.

He had been planning it for weeks, with lots of love and help from my sister!! She did all of the womanly leg-work and gave it the sweet party touch that it needed!!

I know that I am loved, but I "felt" so loved on Saturday.

I will never forget it.

I love my husband.

He pursues me.

He actively loves me.

And he surprised me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Small" Ways God Works

Today we stopped by my mother-in-laws office to drop off a gift for my nephew Aden. As we were loading up in the car, Luke said, "I want to go to Mammy's house and make cakes, and take to sick people." I explained to him that Mammy was still working and he could go another weekend, assuring him that he would do it again soon. That is something special that they do together, and he treasures it just as much as she does. I think it is a pretty awesome thing that he is learning hospitality from his grandmother. You see, I believe God orchestrated that relationship perfectly in our lives, and one reason being that she has a tremendous gift for hospitality. I on the other hand do not! I enjoy it, but it is not my strength. My boys get to experience a godly example of genuine hospitality through their grandmother, whereas they would not experience it as strongly through me!

I thought about how this would impact them, and I know exactly how it will. My grandmother BJ had the same influence on me. She has a genuine heart for thoughtfulness. Not that my mother does not, we all know how sweetly unselfish she is:) But my BJ has always been very active an attentive to others needs and just plain good at good old Southern etiquette. She never forgets a birthday card, an anniversary, a bereavement card, or a check up call. She knows where the forks go on the table, and if you are supposed to serve punch or tea at a 5:00 pm Shower :) ...I STILL call her when I host anything, to make sure it is halfway appropriate ;) I love these things about her and it has greatly impacted my life.

I love how God orchestrates the perfect people for His perfect plan...

Think about someone God placed perfectly in your family's life and thank Him for them:)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet David Jude


Today my second baby boy turns One! One year ago, I was scheuled for an induction on Saturday morning, and on Friday afternoon my water broke. It was exciting to experience the rush of vacuuming ONE last time, dropping Luke off at my Mom's unexpectantly, and feeling contractions that my body decided to do on its own. Labor and delivery were an awesome experience. I loved my pregnancy with David and miss it a lot:(

David came into this world as sweet and as gentle as he is now.

He is only a few minutes old in the pictures below :)...

First day home and first day meeting Luke :)...

First week home :)

One Year Old :)

Saturday, February 28, 2009


You know you might need a little time to yourself if:

You are riding in the car alone, enjoying silence, no whinning, no radio, just simply thinking to yourself...when all of the sudden the thought crosses your mind:

"It is pouring down rain. What if the car breaks down right now? I wonder if I could just sit here for about 30 minutes before I have to call Ross?"....:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Imperfect Life

My life is in no way perfect. (Those of you that know me, already know this!) It is fun and encouraging to read others blogs and write my own. We get to see and share what is going on in life, the cutest pictures of our kids, we get to tell the whole world how great our husbands or wives are, what fun things we have been doing, etc... I love this part of it. Unfortunately, there is another part of life that happens. Imperfection. Sin. My life is not perfect. My love for my husband is not perfect. My kids are not perfect (although I am the first to proclaim this usually:) ) I am mean and grumpy some days. I cry some days. You get the point.

I am a sinner. With hope. I am thankful for the grace and forgiveness that has been given to me through Christ. I would be one nasty person if not ;)

My friend Tasha really got me thinking about how I think and feel as I read others blogs. Sometimes I am envious or feel as if I have not just fallen short as a wife, mom, and woman, but just fallen completely off the wagon!

All this to say: no matter how cute my kids are (and I do think they are handsome little men), no matter how sweet my husband loves me (and he does love me in an awesome way), no matter how clean my house is (and I know I am obsessive), my heart is in need of Christ everyday, I need Him just as much as you do, my marriage needs Him just as much as yours does, my parenting needs Him just as much as yours does, I need Him every hour...

This is the "real world" of blogging.

Today I rest and rejoice in knowing that Christ is working in my imperfect heart and my imperfect life :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

What Does Your Man REALLY Need?

Our Valentine Weekend:

Friday- Food and Fun with Ross' family

Saturday- Hot lunch date with my husband and a little shopping, the boys went to my Mom and Dads, started painting our kitchen cabinets!!

Sunday- church, food and fun with Ross' family again, church again-Marriage class :)

Valentine's Gifts:

For Ross: card and day planner for work
From Ross: a card with 20 things he loves about me...some of these things I didn't even KNOW and we started dating 13 years ago!! That was fun...and a facial mask from Mary Kay :)....

I will have to say, I loved our lunch date, but my favorite part of the weekend was last nights Marriage Class at church. This week and next are for the Women. We are going to be encouraged and commanded to be the Helper and Submissive to our Husbands.

Me? Not a helper? Not submissive? I think I do pretty good...compared to a lot of other women.

How short I have fallen in these areas. Other women should not be my standard. God's commandments to me as a woman are my standards. They are commandments that are FULL of richness and will result in a thriving marriage. That is something to be excited about...

I wish I could have taped the class and posted it on here. I was so excited when we left :) I can't write everything we learned, but here is something that really struck my heart...

Our leader (the wife is teaching the part to the women, although the men are still with us) said that on Sundays she would cook a HUGE meal at lunch for her pastor husband. She just knew this thrilled his soul. She would exhaust herself "helping"/serving her husband...all the while, he would have been content with a ham sandwich. She never asked. He would have prefered a small lunch and more time talking about "work" or getting feedback from his wife...

Was her desire to serve her husband wrong? NO! But was she being what he needed her to be? NO!!

I wonder how much effort I put into things for Ross that he might not care so much about?? How much am I missing out on serving him in the areas that he REALLY NEEDS? Part of my homework from class, is to ask him what he needs...and to not get angry when he tells me :)!!

So, ask your husband..."How can I be a better helper to you?"....and yes, he is allowed to say sex ;)

We were blessed and look forward to being encouraged to strive for a godly and fulfilling marriage:)

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I HAD to post the deals I got at ALDI today...many of my friends are experts at money saving when it comes to grocery shopping, but I haven't figured it all out yet. However, I do like to do some shopping at ALDI when I can...

There are many staple things that we can't buy there such as: diapers, wipes, the organic items that we are slowly switching too such as milks, peanut butter, eggs, etc...I prefer organic fruit and vegetables, but I have found it is so hit and miss. I do not want to go to 4 different stores each week. I am not stable enough to do that ahhahah....

Here is a run down of my items:

Three tubs Whole Rolled Oats(2 lbs 10 oz in each tub) $1.79 EACH (I am going to start soaking these overnight and I need lots of them since all 4 of us will be eating them)

Sparkling Grape Juice- $2.29

Grape Tomatoes- $1.49

Multi-pack 3 peppers- $2.69!!! (red orange and green)

Seven Packs of 1/2 pint Blueberries- .67 EACH!!!!!

Green Grapes (2 lbs!!)- $2.99

Facial Toner- $2.99

Cone Coffee Filters- $1.59!!

Bleach- $1.29

Whole Pineapple- $1.99

Romaine heart lettuce (3 hearts in a bag)- $1.99

Four Squash- $1.69!!

Four Zucchini- $1.69

Bag of Fugi Apples- $2.99

TOTAL= $38.55

For fruits and veggies you CAN'T beat this!! Well, at least I never have :) I was so excited. I laid everything on the counter for Ross to see and went over every price with him...:) I am quite pleased...;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Tonight, Ross was putting together a new bookcase that we bought for the extra bedroom. When he was finished, we were talking back and forth about how good it looked and how happy I was that he got it put together! (He has been sick this weekend) A few minutes later, Ross was cleaning up the leftover mess and Luke walked in and said:

"Daddy, you do's awesome."

That is the sweetest thing ever :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Abundant Life of the Judy's

South Carolina holds many fond memories for me...

I had two favorite places to grandmother BJ's or my Aunt Angie's.

My Aunt and Uncle, along with my two cousins, lived (and still do), in the country of SC. Farm, pigs, cows, goats, peacocks, chickens, emu, tractors, dirt bikes... just to name a few. It was so much fun... simple, relaxing, productive, up early (literally awoken by a rooster! ha), the day was always full. Full of life.

Not much has changed on the farm, as far as farm business goes. Still the same house. Still one bathroom that everyone shares, and you have to go through my aunt and uncle's room to get to it! We dont even think twice about it! Still the same furniture. The same smells. My uncle still has the same truck, good old Chevy.

As far as heart business goes, a lot has changed. God has grown, matured, ripened, and overflowed my Aunt and Uncles hearts for Him and for other people. Since I have "known" my Aunt Angie and Uncle Bud, I knew they loved God. But the awesome thing is, they don't love Him the same that they did 27 years ago. They love Him more. They love themselves less. They love other people more.

They live, according to us city-folk, in the middle of nowhere. Here in this deep country area (not even a town), they have planted a church! Homeward Bound Ministries is the name. They have devoted their lives and time and energy into providing a place for people of this area to come and worship in Spirit and in Truth. Would you believe that after building their worship building and rooms, they had to add small trailor-like buildings on the grounds, for added space? I would, because they are being obedient to Christ.

They don't live the "American dream". Never trying to keep up with latest fad and fashion. They don't have to have the newest car or the biggest house (especially when it comes to the number of bathrooms :).. They really don't care about these things.

They don't need to. They already have everything. They are living what most of us don't even know to dream about. The Abundant Life. It is awesome. It is worth being jealous about ;)

I am very proud of my Aunt Angie and Uncle Bud. They are an encouragement to my family, to live out the Abundant Life that God desires for us.

John 10:10
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Food for Thought

Long story short:

Luke has refused to eat dinner the past THREE nights, and breakfast this morning.

It is NOT because he is "picky".

It is NOT because he is not hungry.

As soon as our time at the table begins, it is almost as if he longs to hear the words, "You may not have anything else other than what is on your plate, and if you are done, then you are done until the next meal." I can almost see it in his eyes : "Let the games begin!"

Firstly, his Daddy hates losing at any game. Secondly, I am Daddy's biggest fan :)

Tasha V. and Traci R. we have implemented your family friendly "food rule". IF YOU DON'T EAT IT NOW, THEN YOU CAN EAT IT FOR THE NEXT MEAL...

Luke is eating grits for dinner tonight :(

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Luke Got a Job

Luke: Mama, I goin' to work...

Mama: OK son, be careful and I'll see you in a little bit.

Luke: I love you.

Mama: I love you, too.

Luke: I goin' to miss you.

Mama: I'm going to miss you, too!! :)

Luke: I need kiss.

Mama: "kiss" careful driving...and don't loose your briefcase!(tool box in hand)

Luke: MAMA, I NOT goin to DRIVE, I ridin my SCOODER (scooter) !!! :)

This brought the sweetest smile to my heart this morning. It also holds me accountable to continue to love my husband in front of my children. He sees me kiss Ross every morning, tell him I love him, and occasionally tell him that I will miss him :) He watches and absorbs everything we do here at home...I hope he will kiss his wife all the time and love her one day like his Daddy loves me ;)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Life Without a Computer

To my surprise, life continued for the 3 months we didn't have a computer. Moving into our new home, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, David growing and changing, Luke growing and changing, fun with family, back to Parkwood...and more. As I was thinking about adding pictures to our family blog, I thought about everything that really has gone on the past three months, in this brief time, how much changes and how much God does not change.

Before the sad loss of the computer, I was desperately struggling with the season of life I am in as a woman, a wife, and a mom. I did not enjoy my time at home, and ended most days in resentment and frustration. In Nehemiah 9, it says "But when they cried to You in the time of their distress, You heard from heaven, and ACCORDING TO YOUR GREAT answered them." God not only answers our prayers to Him, but he hears and responds with COMPASSION. Compassion? After my selfishness, after my resentment, after my anger, after my continual sin? Yes, gracious and compassionate He is to me. "But you are a God of forgiveness, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness; and you did not forsake Your great compassion, did not forsake them..." Neh 9: 17 and 19.
I truly felt at a loss during this time. Making a schedule, trying to keep Luke entertained, being told everyone goes through this, etc...these were all great helps during this time, but they were not the solution. The solution was admitting my desperation for Christ and then going to him empty asking for change and help. I am convinced and convicted that not spending time in God's Word and prayer will leave life empty and disappointing. I do not want to waste my life being disappointed and empty. I want the Abundant life God has for me!!! It is mine, I must know Him to have it. There is nothing more appealing.

I am encouraged today at God's faithfulness and goodness to me...His compassionate goodness.