Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We never have to guess what he is thinking. He talks. Non. Stop.

He loves asking questions and loves for us to ask him questions.

He loves step by step directions and the names of streets as we drive through town.

He recently asked his Daddy, "what does intercede mean?"... he heard it on his all time favorite song "Arise" by Indelible Grace.

He also informed me that "God is going to kill Daddy". Now thats a fun one to deal with. A few minutes before he told me this, he asked Ross "is you going to die Daddy"...to which Ross replied "yes one day, when God decides it is time for me to..." There was no arguing with him on this one. He insisted. I just let it pass.

He is also aware of the difference between boys and girls...all he knows is that girls dont have what he DOES...and he will go through a 5 page list of who DOESNT have or who DOES have what he HAS. I cringe listening to the lists. ahhahah

He is obsessed with trains. In the past month he got to go see Thomas with MY grandmother and went to Tweetsie Railroad with HIS grandmother!

He appreciates the smalls things...like our "new den". He is very proud.

He is saving his money for a train...up to $3 and some change.

He does NOT like having his hair cut.

He hits his head multiple times a day.

He is quick to forgive.

He has a short temper.

He prefers no clothing at all at home. Often goes commando if he HAS to wear shorts ;)

He has my taste for food.

He still sleeps with his blue blanket.

He likes routine but is flexible.

He can tell you what foods are bad for you and if something has too much caffeine or too much sugar in it....:)

He LOVES coffee.

He is not a performer and you can't trick him into it.

He is very timid around strangers and large crowds, but is full of life once he becomes comfortable or secure.

He gets shy if you watch him sing out loud in the car, unless you sing with him.

He recently started saying "my daddy"...as in "Will you help me with this my daddy?"

He never wears shoes unless we are in a store.

These are just a few things about my precious 2 1/2 year old :)


Leslie said...

I love the certainty that 2 and a half year olds can have about life. Everything is black and white, and it's so much fun to listen to them argue their case. It really is one of the most adorable ages! Luke is precious!

Heather said...

Cute Cute! I thought it was funny to see all the similarities(sp?) between Benjamin and Luke. If we could just get the point where he could go "commando" and not tinkle everywhere! :)