Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I just forgot...

how to shop that is.

I never shop.


Today my Mom kept the boys, so I could find a dress for my 10 year high school reunion!

I got to Dillard's and had to look at the store map to find the location of the dresses. How long have I lived here? Since 4th grade. Whatever year that was :)

Same scenario at Belk's, Penny's, ect...

Well to top it all off, I am looking at Ross (not my incredibly sweet and good looking husband) but the store, and low and behold I see someone I know. She tapped me as I was browsing through a dress that caught my eye and we chatted for a few moments. "See you on Friday!" I said with a smile. Smiling back she said, "OK see you there!"...all the while she is probably thinking..."Did she not JUST have a baby? Don't they have two babies? I have GOT to ask someone about this!"...

Yes, I was hanging out in the maternity section and had no idea.

I totally forgot how to shop.