Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I miss it

Tonight I was updating myself on all of the blogs I read. Some people I know, some people I know very well, others I don't know at all.

I started thinking about the friendships that I have encountered over the past six years. I quickly became overwhelmed at the thought of God's goodness and sweetness to me when we lived in Wake Forest.

I would have never moved from Gastonia to Wake Forest, except for one reason. Ross.

I loved being there with him. But it was a whole new world for me. He had been there for four years already...

I am overwhelmed and humbled when I think of the relationships with other women that I was able to establish. To live alongside of. To be sad away from family with. To be sick alongside of. To be pregnant with. To have our first babies with. To laugh, walk, cry, vent, and most of all trust. There was a loyalty in these relationships that is almost irreplaceable. We loved each other. And still do.

Even though I never call Lindsey (ever), forgot to invite Kristy and Allison to David's party, communicate with Tasha exclusively through the blogging world, and only communicate with Stephanie (who I never even saw in real life in Wake Forest but has made a tremendous impact on my love for Christ) through Facebook etc...I will always love them and cherish the relationship and trust I have with them.

I miss it terribly. Those were some of the best days.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Not So Typical Surprise....

for me that is. No one has ever surprised me with anything. Ever. I always have some "idea" or if ANYTHING is different from the norm, I immediately pick up on it. I am just that kind of girl :)

My one and only, surprised me.

My most favorite sister, surprised me.

Ross "surprised" me on Saturday morning and told me that he had asked my mom to watch the boys, while we went off for the afternoon and for dinner. At 3pm, I told him that I was starving, asked if he wanted to eat at 4:30 or 5:00pm. I mean I am 28 now, can't I eat dinner that early? :) We never eat if one of us isn't hungry (it just doesn't seem as fun!), and of course he wasn't ready to eat. I told him that we would have to go to McDonald's and get something to hold me over. So I settled for fries and a tea, and off we went. We were just riding around talking and enjoying not being interrupted multiple times, and he took a left turn towards our house. I asked what he was doing and he couldn't keep from smiling. I knew then that he was up to something, but didn't realize the thought and love that had been put into it until we pulled onto our street (and saw all of the cars) and walked into my very full house (with lots of special people).

It was absolutely special.

He had been planning it for weeks, with lots of love and help from my sister!! She did all of the womanly leg-work and gave it the sweet party touch that it needed!!

I know that I am loved, but I "felt" so loved on Saturday.

I will never forget it.

I love my husband.

He pursues me.

He actively loves me.

And he surprised me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Small" Ways God Works

Today we stopped by my mother-in-laws office to drop off a gift for my nephew Aden. As we were loading up in the car, Luke said, "I want to go to Mammy's house and make cakes, and take to sick people." I explained to him that Mammy was still working and he could go another weekend, assuring him that he would do it again soon. That is something special that they do together, and he treasures it just as much as she does. I think it is a pretty awesome thing that he is learning hospitality from his grandmother. You see, I believe God orchestrated that relationship perfectly in our lives, and one reason being that she has a tremendous gift for hospitality. I on the other hand do not! I enjoy it, but it is not my strength. My boys get to experience a godly example of genuine hospitality through their grandmother, whereas they would not experience it as strongly through me!

I thought about how this would impact them, and I know exactly how it will. My grandmother BJ had the same influence on me. She has a genuine heart for thoughtfulness. Not that my mother does not, we all know how sweetly unselfish she is:) But my BJ has always been very active an attentive to others needs and just plain good at good old Southern etiquette. She never forgets a birthday card, an anniversary, a bereavement card, or a check up call. She knows where the forks go on the table, and if you are supposed to serve punch or tea at a 5:00 pm Shower :) ...I STILL call her when I host anything, to make sure it is halfway appropriate ;) I love these things about her and it has greatly impacted my life.

I love how God orchestrates the perfect people for His perfect plan...

Think about someone God placed perfectly in your family's life and thank Him for them:)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet David Jude


Today my second baby boy turns One! One year ago, I was scheuled for an induction on Saturday morning, and on Friday afternoon my water broke. It was exciting to experience the rush of vacuuming ONE last time, dropping Luke off at my Mom's unexpectantly, and feeling contractions that my body decided to do on its own. Labor and delivery were an awesome experience. I loved my pregnancy with David and miss it a lot:(

David came into this world as sweet and as gentle as he is now.

He is only a few minutes old in the pictures below :)...

First day home and first day meeting Luke :)...

First week home :)

One Year Old :)