Monday, April 13, 2009

Do your research...

These are a few things that I love, but wish I had enough knowledge to devote a blog too! :)

Nutrition- such as whole foods, raw milk, etc...and how this benefits our bodies

Pregnancy and Childbirth- pregnancy health, home-births, etc...

Infertility- although I have never dealt with this, I love reading about natural ways to boost your fertility, and more specifically when and why many women are labeled infertile before a change in diet, weight loss, or in some cases have not even been trying for more than 1 to 2 years, etc...the meds, treatments, side effects, emotional effects, etc... are very interesting to me.

Ulcerative Colitis- new findings, research, cures...(I was diagnosed with this in High school, and eventually had my colon entirely removed because of the severity and illness)...still interests me greatly. I love talking to people who are struggling with this or diseases similar.

Photography- I love pictures and love taking them.

Patient Advocacy- whether it's the doctor's office, insurance, second/third/or forth opinions, I LOVE talking about this, encouraging others in this area, and finding/knowing the rights of a patient

These are just a few things that really interest me, but I feel like I have only brushed the surface in most of them!

What are some things that interest you? That you read about/ research/ could sit on the computer for hours and look up?


the broomes said...

Nutrition & pregnancy for me too. Saving money is something that I love figuring out as well. Also organization/cleaning tips: you COULD write a blog about this...please do! I'd love to hear you ideas on organizing and how you keep toys and junk to a minimum with two little guys.

Shannon Bradley said...

I throw or give everything away...hehehehe just kidding...well sorta! That would be something fun to post about...I could do one week that would entail an entire house cleanup/ throw out makeover...:)and tips to keep it that way!...I just helped Bryce organize and throw away last week and it was lots of fun :)

holly said...

i love that patient advocacy is one of your interests - particularly with regard to insurance, etc. you know i hate that stuff! that's actually one of the qualities i have been praying for in a husband, haha. He tells us to be specific, right?

love ya,


Jennifer Hambrick said...

Hmmm...I always seem to be looking up info on natural remedies for whatever sickness the kids have at that particular time. I also know way toooo much about antibiotics/side effects/their chemical makeup/etc. For some reason that fascinates me and it has come in handy w/ the kids.

Also, I love to read what is new in the interior design world.

Fun idea for a post!